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Sardanapal Asaad

The singer and composer Sardanapal Asaad was born in Kamishli-Syria and grew in a musical atmosphere where his father Malfono Gabriel Asaad used to play violin and teach music. Malfono Gabriel Asaad encouraged Sardanapal on fine arts.

Sardanapal studied at the Syriac school in Kamishli where he learned the church music. Sardanapal was eleven years old when he sang for the first time in front of his teacher and his classmates, who encouraged him to keep going on. That gave him the courage to demonstrate his talent in various occasions and places like at Sunday school, the scouts and especially at the stage of Saint Jacob brotherhood’s club in Kamishli.

Sardanapal studied music at his father Malfono Gabriel Asaad, and taught music at many Syriac schools. At the end of 1972 he began singing and acting drama together with Georges Faraj, Samir Said and others.

Sardanapal composes his own songs. He released his first album "Zmirotho Suryoyotho" in 1983. Music played by musicians from the Swedish Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with the special oriental feelings of Joseph Malki on lute and accordion.

Sardanapal Asaad’s second album was in 1987 “Noshé Marouleh”. This album was a pure classical oriental songs. His third release was in 1988 "Zmirotho Dshabre" a cassette for children. Moreover Sardanapal composed a musical epos in 1981 called "Men Tesh´itho D´Amo", "Emigration and Peace” (lyrics by Sanharib Sado).

Beside his musical works Sardanapal is a professional painter. He paints at his residence in Stockholm. Hitherto Sardanapal has about 120 paintings.



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